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15 May 2020 @ 07:38 am

Welcome to my Life

Ami. Malaysia.
320 this journal mostly dedicated to my Johnny's Entertainment fandom.

top 5 favorite Johnny's groups
Johnny's WEST

Hey! Say! JUMP
SixTONES (Johnny's Jr.)

favorites artist : Tomohisa Sakou(T-kun/ShounenT), AAA, The Sketchbook, Aqua Timez, LEAD, Supercell, Perfume, SPYAIR, Nishino Kana, YUI, UVERworld. a bit interested in Hello!Project (Morning Musume & S/mileage).

Social account : | Last.fm | Tumblr | MyAnimeList | MyDramaList | Twitter | Facebook |
Art account : | DeviantArt | FB Page

...how I discovered them....Collapse )

What you can find here? some video cuts (raw) from various TV shows.
or random things about fandom.
For my download masterpost click HERE.
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I need to know you are just a stalker/human or not lol

whoever drop by this messy journal, arigatou gozaimasu!!
being multifandom is HARD but FUN~!! 129602_original

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13 January 2020 @ 03:37 am

some post are locked to friends only.
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not here ok?!

tree idiots! kouchi-kento-shin. gif made by me x)

Bakaleya6 / SixTONES (Shintaro, Hokuto, Juri, Taiga, Kouchi & Jesse) newUP
Bakaleya FTW!!Collapse )

Morimoto Shintaro x Jr.
shin-chan golden jr. era...Collapse )

Shounen Club (cuts)
..CLiCk!...Collapse )

Gamushara J's Party!!
hei gamusharara~Collapse )

hereCollapse )

yo my fellow arashians!Collapse )


fR-NbKclKyxIf you have problem with the links, please tell me.
fR-NbKclKyxComment if taking! at least say thank you, I really appreciate it :)
fR-NbKclKyxIf you want to repost the clips/cut, please kindly write 'credit to kanpekilife@lj'

ALL the videos cutted by me! Please give proper credits if you wanna share it somewhere else.
no hot-linking. I bet everyone know our fandom rules lol. will not re-upload if the download link are dead
source:  Shounen Club full show at shokura@lj , Gamushara/J's Party!! full show at kyomototaiga@lj.
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hi!! it have been a while i'm posting something bout Nino~ >w<

I love you so much, you ridiculous person XD
I really really realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love your unique personality, don't ever change you little brat!!
//wait how many times I write this already?? XD;;
lol yeah I really mean it, I have many feeling on you. until now, it's hard to describe.

I love you since you're not really popular. I used to obsess over you. I think you're only mine.
I cried so hard EVERYTIMES your dating rumors leaked out. I even hates all girls that you date. ((lol))
.....but thanks to you, I've grown up. I have changed from being negative to positive. I've change in many ways.
I'm really glad to able to know you. ima made mo hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!!
Nino's mom, thank you for give born this amazing guy;;
I really wish someday I'm able to meet you and properly say thank you. the only word i wanted you to hear..
ok I don't want be emotional XD;;
there's many things I wanna write actually, but I can find proper word how to describe it plus my terrible english lol
btw people in the fandom that know me for so long might thinking; why it's rare to see she flailing over Nino lately? haha It's not like that I'm lost interest on him, no. that will not happen lol I just.. finally become mature?? XDD /slapped/

Happy 17th birthday again!! XDD

so here're all Nino birthday fanart that I made so far incuding today
lol can see my drawing style changed year by year omg and ughh i'm not creative at all orz

... 2011-2015!! ...Collapse )

.... gif spam ....Collapse )
once again, Happy Birthday 32-forever-looking-17-y.o. Nino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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from [2015.03.07] Gamushara J's Party!! vol.8 (part1)

This giving us the nostalgia feelings ne~
They did perform the song together in the past too.
In shounen club. but very short version.
I don't remember when was it. year 2012?
glad they sing this song again
plus it's my favorite Tegomass's song! 7662_original

so I cut the performance and converted it into MP3,
in case if anyone interested;

....the best Jr. duets...Collapse )
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03 March 2015 @ 01:03 am
back then I made lots of Arashi fan videos (on my Arashi-maniac-time XD) and upload it on youtube. Some of the videos almost reach 100k views and then.. copyright thingy happen. Japan become so strict and they deleted all my Johnny's videos and terminated my youtube account. =_=''
...sadly not all videos that I upload I have it in my computer.. ಥ__ಥ

..it's just simple video making though, I just put song with pictures and add some lyrics

presenting my lame videosCollapse )

*random pic for today ww
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02 March 2015 @ 07:41 pm

write this as reminder for myself XD
the info taken from twitter


Team A. the popular oneCollapse )

Team BCollapse )

Team C (Bakaleya Team!!)Collapse )

Team D (Travis Japan otoutogumi)Collapse )

Team E (Snow Man)Collapse )

Team F (They Budou)Collapse )

Team G (4U)Collapse )

Team HCollapse )

Team I (Travis Japan anigumi + MAD + MADE)Collapse )

Team JCollapse )

Crea Shonichi (1st day) 24 April by Team A
Crea Senshuuraku (last day) 1 June by Team A
..yeah by the popular team..

I'm rooting for Team B, C, D, E, H, and J.. XD
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08 December 2014 @ 07:15 pm
...seems like I can't save the stuffs from my external hardisk ;______; THEY CAN'T REPAIR MY HDD!!!!!!! /throw everything in the world/

..I don't want to say goodbye yet :'(Collapse )

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07 November 2014 @ 10:41 pm
I remembered once a friend told me: "It's not good having a bias, you must support them all" XD
lol of course I do!! for me bias is the one who I interested the most. The one who I think is special. I don't know how to explain, but yeah everyone have it right? If not one, maybe 2 or 3? or 5? hehe but bias is usually one person in a group.. right?
btw, for some reason I wanna write this XD
everyone have different taste, so no offense.
but I think sometimes people can understand what kind of person we are by looking at who's are our bias :p

so here's my personal rankings (3-10 can be change anytime lol) ;

Johnny's Jr.

1. Morimoto Shintaro -  he is stupidly-adorable gorilla in the universe lol XD already wrote bout him on previous post
2. Yasui Kentaro - He look reliable. leader-ppoi. short and cute XDDD /run
3. Tanaka Juri - just 'coz I love Juri and Shin-chan relationship, mutual love and yes his rap!!!
4. Hagiya Keigo - amazing drummer~
5. Jesse and the rest of Bakaleya members - BAKALEYA FTW!!
6. Kishi Yuta - his dorkness win
7. Fukazawa Tatsuya - his monomane skills LMAO
8. Matsukura Kaito - he is cute and sometimes he's cool~ XD and his admired senpai is Nino!!
9. Morohoshi Shoki - he is just too funny!! and noisy XDD
10. Matsuda Genta

there's much more.. but I'm more into 'senpai' Jr group~
for now the only kouhai Jr I interested in are MatsuMatsu & Kishi Yuta.
OTP: JuriShin(TaMori), IwaFukka, HagiYasu, MatsuMatsu

debuted Johnny's

(this is not really a ranking. Just mention my fav in each group lol)

Ninomiya Kazunari - too much reason to be loved XDD

Hey! Say! JUMP
Nakajima Yuto - kakkoii drummer ♥ and his tall is my ideal, love his cheerful & dork side

Kitayama Hiromitsu - he's talented! and futsuu~ XD

Matsushima Sou -

Koyama Keiichiro - he's a mama figure in NEWS. XD

Johnny's WEST
Kamiyama Tomohiro - he can do anything & multitalented! I love his singing voice the most!!

Taguchi Junnosuke - I love his lame joke and when he tried to be funny wwww

Totsuka Shota - the one who I always have my eyes on..?

Yokoyama You - just the way you are <3

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27 October 2014 @ 09:52 pm
Juniors Time!! sk02

I made this yesterday~

.........here! \(*´ω`*)/...........Collapse )

yay~ cute~ tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow
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27 October 2014 @ 12:54 am
It's been such a long time since I post my gif here..
/checks tags/ the last post was in 2011!! icon40
look how lazy I am hahahaha ubEDtXAV_UV

so I made few gif from LOVE concert ,
It's from the scene that I remembered this-will-be-my-favorite while watching the concert. XD
There's much more actually,
I will make more after I rewatch the concert 349

gif under the cut! douzo~

love triangleeeeeee!!!!Collapse )

Sho where are you looking at

- from 嵐 LOVE live tour 2013
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